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Tips on keeping little scientists busy.

Tips on keeping little scientists busy.


As concern about COVID-19 spreads, some of you will be staying in at home with your small scientists and looking for safe ways to keep their brilliant brains ticking over.

We believe that every home can be turned into a scientific research centre, artist’s studio, space station and more. So while we wait for today’s top scientists to solve this conundrum, here are some tips for entertaining and educating tomorrow’s…


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Watch Messy goes to OKIDO

Endless episodes of your favourite blue, sock-eating monster are available on CBeebies and Netflix.

As Messy would say: “When you need to know, go to OKIDO!”




How do we protect ourselves from germs



OKIDO Magazines

If you want to explore the science of health in a fun, creative and gentle way, here's a fun way to explain how we can protect ourselves from germs?






Brain Recipes


Bust out some brain building recipes

Recent studies have revealed the very real developmental and cognitive benefits of cooking with children, from picking up new vocabulary to maths skills like counting, weighing and sorting. Want to read more? Go to our blog.





Header-1Reinvent your recycling

Think that empty cereal box is fated for the recycling bin? Think again! With a little curiosity, critical thinking and some more prosaic pritt stick, it could become a robot or a car. Not sure where to start?  Read our blog to inspire both you and your little scientists.









5 Easy Science Activities To Do With Kids At Home

Think you need a lab to get your young scientist’s brain bubbling away? Think again. Everything you need in order to go on a science learning adventure can be found scattered around the house and stuffed into drawers.

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STEAMer of the Month: OjO

In the first of our blog series celebrating our STEAM education pioneers (that's  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) we chat to OjO who have big plans for 2019... Tell us a little bit about what you do? OjO is a pioneering[…]

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Mumpreneurs: Success Stories from Our Friends & Founders

Many of us dream about running our own business, but when we have children, the flexibility that comes with working for ourselves is a real draw. The ‘mum economy’ –which refers to businesses run by mothers with children under 18 – is booming. In[…]

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