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Make a Swooshing Straw Rocket

Make a Swooshing Straw Rocket

Make some swooshing rockets and discover how things are propelled by air pressure. See how far you can make your rocket go!

1. Gather together all the things you will need:

  • Sticky Tape
  • Card
  • Straw
  • Pens

OKIDO Rocket Activity

2. Roll a piece of paper into a tube.

OKIDO Rocket Activity Roll up Card

3. Use the sticky tape to hold it together.

OKIDO Straw Rocket Activity - Sticky Tape

4. Close one end by folding it over and taping it.

OKIDO Rocket Activity Close End

5. Decorate your rocket using the colouring pens.

OKIDO Rocket Activity

6. put the straw in the open end and blow to launch.

OKIDO Rocket Activity with Straw




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