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Tips on keeping little scientists busy.

  As concern about COVID-19 spreads, some of you will be staying in at home with your small scientists and looking for safe ways to keep their brilliant brains ticking over. We believe that every home can be turned into a scientific research[…]

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It's British Science Week

Did you know that approximately 80 per cent of our food supply comes from just 20 kinds of plants? If, like Messy, you’re blown away by biodiversity then there’s a treat in store for you…

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January OKIDO Magazine Highlights

OKIDO helps young children learn through play. It is full of stories, activities and games that stimulate creativity and inspire scientific interest. The January Issue of the OKIDO Magazine explores the calculating world of numbers!  Mathematics[…]

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The Hidden Science of Electricity

In winter, when the days are getting shorter and darker, OKIDO explores the hidden science behind electricity.  We use electricity every day, it powers our machinery and during the festive season, electricity helps to illuminate our homes,[…]

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